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This private and secure big game estate with the primary objective of preserving the integrity of the African bushveld and wildlife in harmony with nature.  Moditlo Estate is located close to Hoedspruit town (about 12km) between the Drakensberg Northern Escarpment and the world-renowned Kruger National Park.  The local airport is only about 8km away.

Moditlo is made up of three farms, namely Farm Hoedspruit, Farm Riversdale, and Farm Moira.  The two perennial rivers running through the length of the reserve are the Mbezi and the Moditlo, each with two distinct eco-zone types, namely the northern Thornveld eco-zone, and the Bushwillow Woodlands found in the Southern eco-zone.  


Moditlo estate is habitat to the most beautiful indigenous trees, which collectively include Jackalberry, Sycamore Fig, Weeping Boer-boon, Leadwood, Tamboti, Marula, and Red Bush Willow trees, to name only a few.


The arresting beauty of the majestic Drakensberg mountain range provides a perfect background in the Western part of the estate.  This low-density 3,300ha estate has 450 Full Title +-1 Hectare (10 000 m2) residential stands and forms part of the vast 15 000 Big 4 Blue Canyon Conservancy area. 


There are more than 40 mammal species, more than 300 bird species, and over 50 indigenous tree species.  Due to excellent and well-grassed veld conditions, Moditlo estate is home to a wide variety of free-roaming plains and big game which include Elephants, Lion, Waterbuck, Bushpig, Wildebeest, Zebra, Giraffe, Kudu, Nyala, Duiker, Impala, Leopard, Steenbok, Warthog, Spotted Hyenas, Caracals, Black-Backed Jackal, Cheetahs, and Rhinos, among dozens of others including small five species.   

Moditlo Estate enjoys a high-level infrastructure that includes excellent estate management, underground powered electrical reticulation, well-maintained dirt roads, generous borehole water supply via an automated telemetric system, and excellent 24-hour manned security.

Architectural guides are put in place to encourage individual creativity within a unity of materials and finishes, ensuring that the overall development harmonizes and creates a balanced lifestyle for all residents.  For example, the design of the dwelling unit and the entire stand must show sensitivity to the existing natural features, flora, and topography.  The collective pride in the Estate depends to a large extent on the contribution made by every owner in creating and maintaining a pleasing appearance on their own property and thereby of the Estate as a whole.

A well established Home Owners Association is in place to provide a high-quality lifestyle for residents, with estate rules to protect and maintain this beautiful lifestyle.  The members (property owners) of the Association are responsible for ensuring that members of their families, tenants, visitors, friends, invitees, and all their employees abide by and respect the rules to ensure a happy and harmonious lifestyle where residents can enjoy their private property as well as the common areas and other facilities within the Reserve.