A popular wildlife estate in a beautiful conserved part of the Lowveld bushveld.  Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate is a 680ha Wildlife estate situated on the Eastern side of Hoedspruit town, with 455 half-hectare (5000sqm) full title stands. Half of the estate consists of a residential section, leaving a vast undisturbed wilderness area in which each property owner owns a share via membership with the Home Owners Association.


Animals roam freely between unfenced properties which are naturally separated by indigenous bushveld and game tracks.  Plains game such as wildebeest, impala, duiker, bushbuck, waterbuck, giraffe, zebra, nyala, warthog, and kudu, to name a few. With the estate bordering neighbouring game farms, predators such as leopards and wild dogs are occasionally spotted, but when this happens, the movements of these animals are closely monitored and controlled by the estate's conservation management team.

Collectively with the wilderness area, Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate offers safe well-marked cycling routes, dams, game drive routes, cycling trails, and elevated bird hides.


The estate boasts typical Lowveld indigenous vegetation, rich in fauna & flora, and beautiful trees such as Knob Thorn, Jackelberry, and Marula to name a few.

​The estate management maintains a high-level infrastructure which includes a sewage treatment plant facility, underground electrical reticulation, fiber optic internet cables, and tarred road conditions. 


Top security installations are firmly in place with 24-hour access control, biometric fingerprint access, exit codes for guests, security patrols, and a security control room. 

Development on the estate must conform to the fundamental intention of establishing an environment that is in harmony with the nature in and surrounding the property.


A well-established Home Owners Association ensures that the character, quality, and lifestyle on the estate are maintained to a high standard, thereby protecting the value of individual homes as well as the natural environment.  

No more than two dogs will be allowed per dwelling in occupation and only with full written permission from the estate.


Commercial activities such as short-term rentals are allowed, and new property owners wishing to run income-generating holiday lodges or B&B's can apply for rezoning rights to the local municipality.