Some information on who pays for what in the property sale and transfer process in South Africa.


1. Agent's Commission

2. Penalty Bond Interest: If 3 months’ written notice is not given to the bank to cancel the Seller’s bond, a cancellation penalty is payable. It equates to approximately one month’s bond installment for each completed month of notice not given (or pro-rata thereof).

3. Bond Cancellation Fee: (If the property is bonded) 

  • Fees range from approximately R4000 to R5000.

  • If more than one bond is canceled, the fee increases as per the applicable sliding scale.

  • Cancellation is required even if the bond has a nil balance.

  • registration, even if the bond has a nil balance.

4. Rates and Services: Any arrears, current amounts owing, and a 60-day advance collection amount.

5. Certified Copy of Misplaced Title Deeds: Fees range from R2500 upwards, depending on the number of deeds to be replaced.

6. Levy amounts owing to Body Corporate or Home Owners' Association 

7. Compliance Certificates:

  • Electrical Certificate not older than 2 years.

  • Beetle (if applicable).

  • Plumbing (if applicable).

  • Gas (if applicable).

  • Electric fence installation (if applicable).

  • Approximately R3000 for all 5 if no repairs are necessary.

8.  Any repairs agreed into the contract

9.  Plans.   Ensure that plans for the house/building is up-to-date and approved by the municipality.


1. Transfer Costs:

  • Conveyancing fees, as per tariff.

  • Transfer duty - payable to the conveyancers approximately a month before transfer.

  • No transfer duty payable if Seller is VAT registered and the sale forms part of the Seller’s VATable enterprise.

  • The purchase price will either be recorded in the contract as inclusive or exclusive of VAT.

  • The account to Purchaser may include the cost of obtaining a homeowners’ association’s consent to transfer.

  • Cost of the rates clearance certificate.

  • Cost of levy clearance certificate (in sectional title transfers).

2. Bond Costs (if registering a bond)

3. Tripartite Agreement(if applicable)

4. Conveyancer's Certificate Re Title Restrictions:  May be required if Purchaser intends subdividing or renovating.

5. Occupational Rental:

  • If Purchaser moves in before transfer.

  • Always try and provide for a figure in the Agreement of Sale, even if occupation is on transfer.


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